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We believe that experience should be at the heart of everything. This begins with us…

At Venue Recruitment Solutions we have a breadth of experience, an extensive network and a host of resources at our disposal to ensure that you have access to the very best candidates, not only from the venue industry, but also from the wider business world. Our foundations are in venues, from those that are local to others that stand on a global stage, and everything in between, and the search to find fantastic people to build, promote and operate them. We’ve recruited from management to board level across departments as varied as facilities, marketing and finance. We’re confident that our success in the recruitment of amazing people to work in these complex and multi-faceted environments provides us with a perfect foundation from which to support venues of all types throughout the UK.

Our Clients

We want to ensure that, as a client, the experience you have with us is unrivalled. In short, we want to work with you in the longer-term and will do all we can to guarantee you’re happy with the service we provide at every stage of the process. If you think we can do better then please let us know – we’re always keen to improve!

Our Candidates

We also want to ensure that the experience our candidates get is second to none. Whether you’re simply looking for advice on your CV, in the midst of an interview process for your dream job or about to hand in your resignation, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.


The Search

We understand that getting a candidate with the right experience for your venue is essential and that is why we will always work closely with you to ensure that we understand your requirements implicitly, with the aim of getting the perfect fit. Of course, although experience is essential, it is perhaps one of the easiest elements to find and only one part of a complex search. That is why we want to get to know your business inside out so that we understand what type of person would add most value to your team, your venue and the working environment.

The Result

Ultimately, we believe that people make an experience. If we do our job right then, no matter the size and type of venue, you will have a world leading team that will ensure the experience your customers, visitors and / or fans get is worth returning for time after time.

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